Presentation at URTEC (Unconventional Resources Technology Exhibit and Conference)

Jim Applegate will present a paper written in association with Doug Paul of SeisWare; Travis Brown of Travis Exploration Group; and Filip Soos of SeismicUtensils at URTEC (Unconventional Resources Technology Exhibit and Conference) in Austin, Texas on July 25.  URTEC runs from July 24 through July 26.  The presentation is entitled: “Integrating AVO Analysis With Poststack Seismic Approaches to Better Understand Complex Faulting/Fracturing in the Niobrara Formation”.

Southwest Section AAPG, Midland, TX, April 30 – May 2, 2017

Visit SeismicUtensils in Booth 23 with Thompson Solutions and Gravity Map Service for a demo of the latest version of AVO-Detect. AVO-Detect provides both pre-stack and post-stack attributes to supplement your basic interpretation package. Drop by to see the latest features including 3D visualization of attributes, frequency volumes, curvature volumes, etc, all of which supplement and integrate with the complete range of AVO attributes.

Presentation at 3D Seismic Symposium

Complex Fracture and Fault Patterns Within the Niobrara: How Important Are They?

Dr. Jim Applegate* – SeismicUtensils, LLC; W. Travis Brown – Travis Energy Group, Inc.; Doug Paul – SeisWare, Inc.; Filip Soos – SeismicUtensils, LLC

The presentation given by Dr. Jim Applegate at the 23rd annual 3D Seismic Symposium presented by DGS and RMAG is now available for download.


Demo version

A free demo version is available for download. The demo version runs without a license and works with a demo project. The demo project includes pre-stack and post-stack datasets from the Gulf of Mexico.

Please contact us if you are interested in testing AVO-Detect. We will provide download information.